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The Coaching Staff

Our Professional Staff

Meet Our Coaches

Each of our coaches have the credentials, experience, exuberance and commitment to promote the development of the Carolina Stars players. The primary focus of our coaches will be on individual skills development and to offer an advanced hockey curriculum for boys and girls from 6U to 18U while fostering growth and guidance for all of our players that are looking to move to the next level.

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The Development Coaches

Ryan Schmidt

Senior Director of Player Development

Andrew Beam

Player Development Representative

AJ Bragg

Player Development Representative

Jeremy Fisher

Senior Director of Goalie Development

Zach Seeber

Goalie Development Representative

Zach Tanner

Goalie Development Representative

Mark Cairns

Goalie Development Representative

Noah Preston

Goalie Development Representative

Theo Gioles

Senior Director of Sports Performance

Team Directory

The Team Coaches

Mackenzie Bunney

Robert Greene

Ray Proulx

Dan Murray

Mike Lloyd

Michael Dontato

Dan Perini

Joe Colonna

TJ Douglass

Doug Meyer

Patrick Johnston

Andrew Beam

Ryan Schmidt

Travis Harris

Chantal Ayers

Off ice Training

Sports Performance Center

What Parents Say About Us

Parent Testimonials

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